Chapter Officers

Cheyenne Donahue

officer Cheyenne Donahue


Brandy Blankenship

officer Brandy Blankenship

Vice President Member Development

Cierra Anderson

officer Cierra Anderson

Vice President Recruitment

Lauren McMurtry

officer Lauren McMurtry

Vice President Operations

Sierra Noble

officer Sierra Noble

Vice President Finance and Property Coordinator

Bailey Darnell

officer Bailey Darnell

Vice President Campus Relations and Risk Management Coordinator

Amanda Buckley

officer Amanda Buckley

Activities Coordinator

Vivian O'Brien

officer Vivian O'Brien

Alumnae Relations Coorinator

Marly Uncapher

officer Marly Uncapher

Continuous Open Bidding and Philanthropy Coordinator

Allie Curtis

officer Allie Curtis

Correspondance Coordinator

Ileana Goldburg

officer Ileana Goldburg

Gamma 2 Experience Coordinator

Addie Woods

officer Addie Woods

Purchasing and Website Coordinator

Ereka Luttrell

officer Ereka Luttrell

Ritual Coordinator

Jacelyn McIntosh

officer Jacelyn McIntosh

Social Coordinator

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